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客房逃生 Escape Rooms

中国 (China) Escape Rooms


Omescape Beijing - Dongcheng (东城)
No.90 Guangqumen Main Street - Dongcheng District 100000, Beijing, China
+86 131 4652 5079
Omescape Beijing - Dongcheng
有五个方案可供选择。与会者将选择一个逃生方案,并进入一种身临其境和主题房间。在2组共同努力,十寻找出路。There are five scenarios to choose from. Participants will choose an escape scenario and enter an immersive and themed room. Work together in groups of 2 to ten to find a way out.

Omescape 奥秘之家密室逃脱 - Taiyanggong (太阳宫)
International Building 12; Street Underground Sun Palace Peninsula; Chaoyang District; 1st floor, Beijing, China
Omescape 奥秘之家密室逃脱 - Taiyanggong
这些房间逃逸装饰,并配备脑筋急转弯和物理任务的交互式组合。与您的朋友和家人打在4组,每组8尝试逃出房间。These rooms are decorated to escape, and is equipped with an interactive combination of brain teasers and physical tasks. With your friends and family to fight in 4 groups of 8 to try to escape the room.

Hong Kong

Golden Hill Commercial Building; 39-41 Argyle St, Hong Kong, China
2396 0138

LOST Hong Kong Escape Room
15 Matheson St; Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, China
2892 2393
LOST Hong Kong


Amaze Room Escape - 惊奇房间逃生
Changning Road 988 - Unit 903, Shanghai, 200051, China
输入福尔摩斯场景。寻找线索,解决谜题作为一个团队。与您的朋友,家人和同事玩。解开这个谜,在60分钟内逃生。Look for clues, solve puzzles as a team. Play with your friends, family or colleagues. Solve the mystery and escape within 60 minutes.

Mr X Escape Room
China, Shanghai, Huangpu, Jumen Rd, 550号1号楼 邮政编码: 200011
4008 598 298
Mr X Escape Room
游戏中的任务是从房间逃离。与团体多达12人玩。装饰性强的客房为参与者提供一个身临其境的环境。酒店的客房都配备了高科技的激光全息技术和红外照明等优秀的视觉效果。The game's mission is escape from the room. Play with groups up to 12 people. Highly decorated rooms provide an immersive environment for participants. The rooms are equipped with high tech laser and holography, infrared lighting and other excellent visual effects.

White Rabbit Escape Room - 白兔子密室逃脱
B1 No.1 Lane 405 Changning Road; Changning District, Shanghai, 200040, China
上海某逃生室操作两种情形。A Shanghai escape room operating two scenarios.


2221 South China Sea Road Haiwang Building B; Room 23B (Haiya Department Store across the road opposite the sea-Restaurant), Shenzhen, China
0755-26408850 13714497314
三种方案可供选择。Three scenarios to choose from.


3/F Jintai Building 1 - Shigu Road, Xili, Nanshan District, China
Provides high tech set-up and theme, making the experience fully immersive and immersive.

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